Thursday, August 11, 2011


He opened his eyes. The sand felt nice and warm against his back. He lay barechested on the beach, under the shade and watched the flight of the seagull, skimming along the waves. The sun was just beginning its journey back to the sea and the sky was changing its shades by the minute.

He didnt have many belongings. He felt no need for them and anyways they were just another weight for him to carry on his back. Others would term him a drifter, a person without a goal, just wasting his life but no, he found more meaning in his life than those people who were bound to their chairs all through their waking hours. His aim in life was simple, to see all that there was worth to see and to him anything made by man did not qualify.

He had far too many brushes with death to beleive that he had any control over his destiny. The only thing he could change was his present and he intended to do just that.

He squinted. In the distance, hidden beyond the foliage was a massive rock shaped like a dagger. Below the rock the sea raged, lashing but it stood firm relentless. He decided to have a closer look at it. He beat through wave after wave of vegetation which seeemed almost desperate to not allow him to go through. The wind was fierce and made a howling sound as it ricohetted off the rock and through the caves along the shore. It was terrifying.

He was delighted. Slowly he made his way to the rock and sat down in relief. It was a tiring hike. He gazed at the sunset in the distance. It was beautiful. The sky seemed to be illuminated with so many hues and shades that it seemed God Himself had decided to paint it that day. He weeped with joy.

He looked at the deep swirling waters below. What had been a clear deep blue just minutes before had become black and forbidding now. He watched the water with fascination, almost eagerness.

He stood at the edge, arms outstretched on tiptoe. His body was like a piece of art. It was perfect, without blemish; you could watch it for hours and admire every fine line of it. He stood swaying forwards and backwards. Just when he was about to tip over on one side, he would sway to the other. The wind ruffled through his hair, caressing it like a lover would.

He smiled. He was at peace. For now.